Happy Clients

Amra was amazing! She was very honest about what would work and what wouldn’t. She did not want to take money for something if I wasn’t going to see results. She thoroughly explained the treatment and told me what I could expect. It was very relaxing. You can tell she loves what she does! I would definitely recommend her and this treatment for anyone that needs a little skin tightening and lift!


Feel so good and lost inches the very first treatment! My eyes look 10 years younger in one treatment too. Amra is a special person, very honest and caring lady! I look forward to seeing her again and telling my friends!


Went there for my first of several laser treatments and I was blown away by caring attitude of this place. Owner was such a sweetheart and made me my 4 year old feel so comfortable…thank you for an amazing experience. Can’t wait to come for next visit.


Check this out before you get fillers or Botox. I’ve had both in the past and won’t do it again after I’ve had this treatment done, it’s amazing!


I would absolutely hands down recommend the cellulite treatment to anybody thinking about it! After just one treatment I saw a huge improvement and after 3 more my legs and butt we’re totally transformed. I feel so much more confident than before and I would do it again in heart beat!


I found Sculptor Body Contouring online. I met Amra and not only was she knowledgeable and passionate about her work but also honest with projected results. After having 6 sessions with Amra, I went to buy a dress for an event and I was able to fit in a dress that was one size smaller! Thanks Amra, the results are amazing.


I developed sagging skin under my chin in my mid-40′s and was looking for a safe, effective way to improve the look of that area. I am not ready to look old yet! I read about Sculptor and was overjoyed when I found it in the Albany area. After 3 treatments, the sagging skin is gone! I can’t believe what great results I got with Sculptor and would highly recommend both the treatment and the talented Amra to help achieve a natural youthful look without surgery. Very happy!


I am so happy that I had an opportunity to work with Sculptor Body Contouring. I had them do my body and belly and saw results right away. I was really unhappy with rippled effect on my thighs and with just one treatment I’ve noticed results and my skin looks so much smoother now, I am sure with few more treatments my skin will become the way I want it. The biggest shock was 2″ lost in my waist, I kept measuring few times to make sure and it really was true. One other area that was bothering me was the sides (love handles I call them) that I got due to my pregnancy they are almost gone, I am so looking forward to more treatments and getting my body back. I’d highly recommend Sculptor Body Contouring for skin tightening and face wrinkle remover which is next on my list.

~Emina S.

I discovered Sculptor about 2 years ago and wish I had a lot sooner. I’ve had treatments on the lower half of my body, focusing on my stomach, and love the results. This was one of the best methods I’ve tried to get my body back into shape post-babies with exercise and a sensible diet. I have also extended my treatments to include laser hair removal and am pleased with not having to worry about shaving. Amra is amazing; she is very personable, caters to her clients and makes certain they are satisfied. She runs her business professionally and with much integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who wants to look and feel great!


After having my baby, I tried everything to get back in shape; diet, exercise, saunas, body wrapping, cool-sculpting, and was considering liposuction. That’s when I found Sculptor. I am hooked because I see real results! I could not be happier. Thanks Amra!


After turning 30 I noticed that my eyes were becoming saggy and there were a lot more lines on my face. I decided to give Sculptor a try and just after 3 treatments the lines are gone and my eyes look so much more open. I am grateful to have found Sculptor and would recommend it to anyone.